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on 7 Aug 2012
This is my lifestyle in my home town in Brazil: I'm used to go to restaurants 4-5 times/week, having lunch out everyday, going to nightclubs 2-3 times per week. The rare times I cook at home I mainly cook asian food. Do you think $ 17.000 HKD per month (excluding housing/taxes/transport) would be enough to keep that lifestyle?
GabyS on 7 Aug 2012
Hi Pedro

It's hard to say - it depends on the nightclubs (for example - how much do you drink? Alcohol is expensive in night clubs) and the quality of the restaurants and whether you buy lunch from street vendors or from five-star restaurants. I think you could have a life quite similar to the one you're used to although you might have to tone it down a little bit. Check out Cost of Living in Hong Kong for more information: write down everything you spend in a week, add it up and times by four - and you'll have your answer.
NormaTeggart on 14 Aug 2012
Hi Pedro,
My advice would be to check out the HK housing sections of this website and some online property search sites and decide how much of that you will be spending on rent, since that will be your biggest monthly outgoing.

Once you know how much you've got left you will be able to work out if you can maintain your current lifestyle.  Eating out etc in Hong Kong can be very cheap if you are happy with a local style restaurant serving simple food, but if you are more used to fine dining then Hong Kong can be very expensive.

Good Luck!