Should I learn Egyptian Arabic or Eastern Arabic to speak fluently in Qatar?

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By Helen Sach - Posted on
09 July 2012
I am already living in Doha, Qatar and want to learn Arabic. The course I am about to take is either Egyptian Arabic or Eastern Arabic and I don't know which one would be best to learn seeing as we live here and will be for some years to come! I hope a kind Qatari will answer my query or someone who really knows which one to choose? please? Many thanks for your help. Kind regards, Helen (an Aussie who loves Doha!)
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Hi There, there is nothing as Egyptian Arabic... it is an egyptian dialogue.... go for the so called eastern arabic, since the egyptian thing is only for egyptians to use and sometimes they only understand it....
Good luck
Suhail (Jordanian lives in Qatar)

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Hello, for me i recomend the Egyptian Arabic, its widely spread across over all the arab region and widely understood by all arabs due to the influence of Egyptian media ( songs, movie...etc) since decades ago.

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Of the two Eastern Arabic is the better choice as it is more closely aligned with MSA. has more info.

Egyptian Arabic is not used widely outside of Egypt, hence its own name!

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