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By Maya Chlebek - Posted on
15 December 2011
My husband is working as an engnieer in Ras Laffan, Qatar in a technip company. He is living in camp, but his room is not so bad. Do you think i can live with him there? I'm thinking about this, but my dad was working in Qatar before, and he told me that it is not allowed for women to live in this compound. It is only for men. Is this correct? I really miss my husband, and I want to stay with him.

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Hi Maya-

It depends on the rules of his compound. If they don't allow women, there's not much you can do to get around this. However, if you're married, then you have the right to "co-habitate" (live) with your husband in Qatar. So you could always book a nearby hotel room, and then your husband could come stay with you there. Bottom line, your husband will need to ask what's allowed by his employer. 
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The problem is that Ras Laffan Industrial City (RLIC) is extremely tight with security, you need to show a pass every time you enter. To get a pass you need to be sponsored by a company.

However, I have seen female partners in RLIC and in the camps, so it is possible, I just don't know the full process, not much help, hey.

The other alternative is to move to the city (Doha), and your husband can make the one hour drive (I do it every day). I'm sure the accommodation will be a lot better.


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What is the average Monthly salary needed for a couple and two kids to live in qatar depending on the cost of living.

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