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Posted by chardaboy09
on 1 May 2016
Hi, we are looking to maybe buy a house in France. At the present time we have an income of roughly £1000 a month, which will increase slightly when I become of pensionable age. My partner already draws state pension. I have been reading up on the process of buying a property in France, but there don't seem to be any fixed property rates, they seem to be different for all.

We would be looking to buy inland, maybe in the Finistere or Cote d' amour area. We wouldn't be looking for a huge house, maybe something with a couple of bedrooms and about 1000 sq.mtrs of land. Although we don't have a fortune,we would be able, I think, to be mortgage free. Is there anyone who would like to share information about their costs of the buying process,and running costs for such a property? I'm only asking because we need to know if we can afford to live there before we enter into a new adventure.

I have lived in Spain, and in Bulgaria, of which the latter is cheaper to live but lacks any real social activities, it's rife with corruption and many areas are being taken over by gypsies, roma, and the infrastructure leaves a lot to be desired. I thank anyone who answers any of the questions I have asked... you have to ask, or you'll never find out, as they say. Thanks, Steven
Cayley on 3 May 2016
Hi Steven,

Where are you and your partner from? Property taxes in France tend to be lower than in the UK, but utility bills can be quite high.

Check out our guide to find out more about the cost of living in France, and read more from one of our expert expats about buying a property in France.

chardaboy09 on 4 May 2016
Hi Cayley We live in Bulgaria at the moment although we do have a house in the uk..Bulgaria is cheap but the summers seem to be getting hotter and winters colder.It's not only that,little things like not being able to go out and eat decent food is a right pain,in over 7 yrs we have not found a decent resteraunt.There are other things but we thought we might explore the possibility of other countries,that's if we could afford too.

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