What's it like working in Qatar?

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12 August 2011
I'm very seriously considering a job offer I have for Qatar, but I want to get a better idea of what the work environment would be like. Is the language a problem, are their long hours involved, are people generally pretty diligent - or is it a lackadaisacal, lazy work culture?
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The working culture in Qatar is highly variable, though, don't be suprised if it's strangely familiar. If the US was the melting pot of the 18/1900s, the Middle East is the melting pot of the millennium. There's so many people working in Qatar from so many places, your likely to come into contact with clients and colleagues from a range of business backgrounds.

English is the lingua franca of the business world, much to many Arabs dismay, and long hours may be required - but probs not likely, unless you're in a senior position or you're part of a start-up. Otherwise, what happens in your office depends upon the people involved.

The Qataris do business according to a different set of rules though, and you may want to check out the doing business in Qatar page to get a better idea of how to prepare.
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