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Posted by chvenkatv
on 11 May 2017
I am submitting Critical skills visa for South Africa in next one week. I don't have any friends in SA. Is the visa will reject if no relative/friend available in SA. Please suggest your advice on this request.
Shantalie on 22 May 2017
Hi chevensky,

What critical skill do you have? Have you got all your certificates in order?

A critical skills visa for South Africa is dependent on you having a skill that meets a shortfall in the country and is included on the list of skills publishe each year by the Department of Home Affairs. It is not a visa that is tied to any other person, although in some cases it could be linked to a company.

Many people I know personally have this type of visa and move here knowing nobody in the country so I don't see this factor effecting your application.

For more info of permits I suggest check out the Visas for South Africa page.

Good luck!

Anonymous (not verified) on 22 May 2017
Thanks for your reply. Last week, I applied the CSA in VFS center in Bangalore. I am into IT having 7 yrs 10 months experience in Data warehousing.
vam on 18 Aug 2017
hi ch venkat,critical skill visa does not depend on relatives/friends in S.if you have all required documents .
Anonymous (not verified) on 19 Aug 2017
Thanks for reply
Anonymous (not verified) on 4 Oct 2017
Hi Chvenkatv How long did your visa actually take to process. andrew