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Updated 22 Feb 2011
Book review - A career in your suitcaseWhen it comes to developing a portable career, serial expat Jo Parfitt has certainly been there, done that. In "A Career in Your Suitcase" this multi-hyphenated author, journalist, teacher, publisher, publishing consultant and writing mentor has assembled a varied group of experienced, talented contributors to help provide the information, insight and wisdom necessary to launch anyone interested in a career-on-the-go.

Parfitt's work pays special attention to people's innate desire to find meaningful work wherever they happen to be, the impact of the search on their sense of identity, and the challenges and opportunities inherent in forging a movable career in this increasingly globalised world.

Parfitt walks the reader through the process of identifying their passions, values and strengths; assessing the full range of their skills, abilities and experience; and developing possible career options. She then outlines the steps readers should take to grow their own local and global professional networks, and makes a strong case for the importance and long-term benefit of such actions.

She is exceedingly thorough and uses her own expert experience and others' to provide information regarding interviews, developing effective curriculum vitae and cover letters, working for companies or organisations, working for yourself, working at home, part-time work, full-time work, freelance work, starting your own business, marketing yourself, and the benefits of career consulting and coaching.

There's even a chapter designed especially for the rapidly growing demographic of male 'accompanying partners.'

"A Career in Your Suitcase" weaves together hundreds of highly effective real-life stories, testimonials, exercises, questions, checklists, tips and resources to illuminate key points and help expats and home-bodies alike construct a self-tailored, portable career wherever they happen to be.

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Writer and American expat Linda A. Janssen currently lives in The Hague, The Netherlands. She writes on expat issues, and at her Expat Arrivals 2011 Great Blog award-winning website Adventures in Expatland.

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