Expat Experiences in South Korea

When considering a move to a new city, there is nothing more useful than hearing real life stories and experiences from other expats who have lived there. We'd love to hear about your expat experiences. Please contact us if you live or have lived in South Korea and would like to share your story.

Gaby is a South African expat living in South Korea. Looking for a change and chance to travel, Gaby and her husband moved to Gumi when she was offered a position as a resident Native English Teacher. Read more about her expat life in South Korea.

Amy is a New Zealand expat teaching English in Suwon. Read her advice on how to choose a school in South Korea, read about what she most misses about home, and find out what she loves and hates about living and working in South Korea.

Jenna, an American expat in Busan, found she couldn't keep away from the city. After a stint as an English teacher in 2010, she returned in 2012 to continue her life exploring South Korea while working at an international kindergarten. Read about her experiences living and working in Busan.

Maggie, an American expat in Seoul, travelled to the country to teach English and coach rugby. She's loving the great food, the easy-to-use public transport and the opportunities to make new friends in South Korea. Find out where to look for a job or an apartment, and other advice about living in Seoul.

Maggie an American expat in South Korea

Amanda became an American expat in South Korea when she realised her 9-5 desk job back home would never satisfy her wanderlust. Instead, she headed off to teach English in Seoul. Read about her opinions on the work culture in South Korea, on learning Korean and the best areas to live in Seoul.

Amanda an expat in South Korea

Deva, like many a South African expat in South Korea, moved to the country to teach English and in the process pay off her student loans. Read her advice on living in Daegu, her experiences of ESL placement agencies and her advice on handling culture shock while living in South Korea.

Deva an expat in South Korea

Matt and Andrea, two American expats living in South Korea, landed in the country just three months after their wedding to teach English in a small town outside of Seoul. Despite missing Western food and having the occasional mishap, both are loving their new expat life in South Korea.

Andrea and Matt two expats in South Korea

Andy, a South African expat teaching English in South Korea, left the corporate world in search of adventure. Working on the quieter outskirts of Seoul, he enjoys the quality healthcare, complete lack of crime and low cost of living. Read more about his expat experiences in South Korea.

Andy an expat in South Korea

Chris, an American expat teaching English in South Korea, has decided to absorb as much Korean culture as possible. When not grappling over grammar and pronunciation with students, he's a full-fledged traveller, writer and experiential explorer; in short, there's never a dull moment. Read what he has to say about life in Seoul.

Chris - an American expat teaching English in South Korea

Simon, a Canadian expat living in South Korea, cites life in Bucheon as being nearly perfect. He enjoys all the perks of big-city living, a slower pace of life as well as a more affordable cost of living. Even his dog seems to be happy. Read more about his expat experience in South Korea.

simon - a Canadian expat living in Korea