Weather in Poland

Expats living in Poland will need to learn to cope with cold.

Between November and December in 2010, Reuters reported over 50 deaths due to sub-freezing temperatures, and numerous road and government closures. Such a drastic spell was unusual for the country and the European continent as a whole, but expats should be warned that weather in Poland is dominated by distinctively cold winters (November to March).

The length of this season varies from year to year, and is extended when eastern winds blow in from the Russian front. Snow can sometimes fall even as late as in April.

Summer (June to August) in Poland is moderate; average temperatures tend to hover between 20°C to 25°C (68°F to 77°F). Excessive heat is rare, but droughts can occur from time to time.

Weather in Poland is also known for its transitional nature, and expats may find that the interim seasons of Spring and Autumn are the best periods of the year.

Precipitation falls year round, but is heaviest in summer.