Education and Schools in Fiji

Fiji has over 700 primary schools and 150 secondary schools spread across both the public and private sectors. Most expats send their children to a private school, with the majority selecting the international schools located in either Suva or Nadi. 

Public schools in Fiji

Public schools in Fiji are open to expat enrolment, but are rarely used due to somewhat erratic educational standards. Furthermore, parents Students at a school in Fijiare often reluctant to send students to these schools as they find the curriculum one-sided, and children who regularly move in and out of school systems may find the experience limited. While public schools are theoretically mixed-race, socio-economic issues and the geographic distribution of ethnic groups mean that, in practice, the schools often comprise a single race. 
In many villages there will be a small school with teachers doing their best to serve the students spread across a variety of educational levels. Funding from the cash-strapped Fijian government is often inadequate, and the resulting quality of government schools is not as high as that of private schools. 

Private and international schools in Fiji

The most popular option for expats is to use the two "international" schools. One is located in Suva and one in Nadi. Both schools are tuition based, and offer the International Baccalaureate scheme as well as the ACT (Australian) curriculum (grades 11-12).
The fees are expensive by Fijian standards, and only wealthy Fijian nationals can afford them. Expats intending for their child to attend an international school should make provision for school fees as part of an expatriate salary package, if the opportunity exists to do so.
The Yat Sen private school in Suva is also popular with Fiji’s Chinese community and with expats seeking a Chinese immersion education. 
Other options for expat parents include Grammar and Marist Brothers schools, both of which have strong educational and sporting programmes.  

Universities and higher education in FIji

The University of the South Pacific has its main campus in Suva, and many expats either gain employment at the campus or decide to study there. Other institutes located in Suva include the Fiji School of Medicine and Fiji Institute of Technology. 

List of international schools in Fiji

International School Suva 
Lot 59, Siga Road 
Laucala Beach
Tel: +679 3393 300  
Fax +679 3340 017
International School Nadi
Nadi Back Road
Nadi, Fiji
Tel: +679 6702960
Fax. +679 670 2980

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