Healthcare in Jeddah

The standard of healthcare in Saudi Arabia is among the best in the Middle East. Hospitals in Jeddah are no exception, with many facilities being among the region's finest. 
a hospital in Saudi Arabia
Both public and private facilities have high standards, but most expats prefer to use private healthcare in Jeddah. A few hospitals cater specifically to the expat community and are often staffed by expats or foreign-trained local doctors.
Private healthcare can be expensive and expats working in Jeddah are required by law to have health insurance. Employers often cover this, and it's something that expats should discuss as part of their contract negotiations.

Hospitals in Jeddah


Dr Soliman Fakeeh Hospital
Tel: +966 2 665 5000

International Medical Center
Tel: +966 2 650 9000

Jeddah National Hospital
Tel: +966 2 671 0040

Saudi German Hospital

Tel: +966 2 682 9000