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Posted by nixon
on 26 Sep 2016
sir i would like to take work visa for one year .Because i wish to work in with my wife in jeddah.Can you give some instruction for me to the procedure for achieving this work visa and also the benefits please. Can you reply me as earliest as possible. with regards nixon
Meagan on 26 Sep 2016
Hi Nixon,

In order to obtain a work visa, you will first need to secure a job. The reason for this is that the visa application is based on a specific job and the employer acts as the worker's sponsor. The employer will usually handle the application, but you will need to submit certain documents and go for a medical test. Click here for some more details on the process. Once you have your work visa, you will also need to apply for a residence permit.

For tips on how to find a job, please see this page.

Best of luck.

nurex on 1 Oct 2016
Meagan nice post, i wish i can get too