Moving to New York City

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Empire State Building at night in New York CityNew York City is the storied destination of American immigration. The diverse communities and enduring old-world neighbourhoods are living representations of the city’s worldly appeal.

Expats moving to New York today aren't the wide-eyed 'fresh off the boat' fortune seekers of old, but the jet-setting, business-savvy players of the world's economy.

At first, moving to New York can be frustrating; expats must learn to manage the competitive housing market, adjust to a new system of schooling, and find adequate employment. The work environment and the Manhattan lifestyle are brisk and energetic, and enjoying the fruits of labour is the best part of working in the 'Big Apple'.

It is known as the city that never sleeps and New Yorkers really do work hard and play harder. Expats moving to New York will find that while space comes at a premium, they will have a whole host of diverse neighbourhoods to choose from. The city's well-established public transportation network is another bonus. The subway operates 24/7 and there are also buses and commuter trains for those travelling to places that are a little further afield. 

Granted, the cost of living is high but this is just the price of admission to living in a city with endless highlights. There’s no better place in the US to explore the dynamic nightlife, eclectic selection of restaurants and theatre, chic apartments and the diverse international population.

As is the case throughout the USA, expats moving to the New York will have to ensure they have invested in a fully comprehensive health insurance plan. This will allow them to take advantage of the leading healthcare facillities that are boasted by New York. 

Expats moving to New York with children will find there are a whole range of international schooling options in the city which have been established over time to serve the city's large expat community. Fees are high and space at the most popular schools is limited, so it is best to begin the application process before relocating.

New York has a centre-of-the-world feel, acting as the controlling axis not only for America's financial markets but also for much of the world's economy.

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