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Updated 6 Aug 2010

It's about life's little pleasures: cracking the top of a crème brûlée, shaking out a Polaroid, closing your eyes just before blowing out birthday candles, and sharing the stories that inspire those living abroad and working overseas.

These are just a few of our favourites.

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Five common concerns parents have when choosing a school in a new location: When moving to a new country, one of the key concerns for parents is choosing the right school for their child.

Expat depression: you're not alone: Advice on overcoming depression; a common experience among expats that is seldom spoken of. 

Singapore takes top spot in HSBC Expat Explorer Survey 2016: Find out about the top expat destinations in our brief analysis of the findings of the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey for 2016. 

Places to See in Spain - SegoviaA local's guide to the most breathtaking and beautiful sights outside of Madrid. Definitely worth a trip. 

The benefits of studying in Denmark: For expats lucky enough to be eligible, studying abroad can be a very cost-effective decision. 


Driving about - photo by mroachccbysa20flickr thumbExpats driving abroad: One of the best ways to explore your new home is to travel by car. Here are a few things to check before hitting the road.


Expat Journal
Expat health insurance in Germany: An overview of the different types of health insurance available to expats living in Germany.

Expat Journal

Understanding health insurance in the USA : A guide for expats on how health insurance providers operate in the USA

Expat Journal
Confessions of an expat10 things nobody admits, but admittedly everybody loves about living abroad


Every foreigner's favourite conversation: A survival mechanism for explaining expatdom on a daily basis

Recycle in San Francisco
"Going green" no longer just a trend: In San Francisco, environmental awareness is no longer just a fringe activity, its a way of life.

Censorship to show communication in China
Communicating from China: How the Chinese have sacked social media and what to do to survive as an expat without access

Overseas medical and safety primer:
When an emergency situation occurs abroad know how to find adequate care and a doctor who can speak your language.

repatriation - a crossroads for expats
Repatriation - the unexpected relocation challenge: Saying hello again to family and friends back home can be a whole lot more difficult than saying goodbye.

repatriation - a crossroads for expatsHow to connect with your partner as an expat living abroad: A transition abroad can be difficult, and place strain on a relationship. The article is useful for tips on how to ensure this doesn't happen. 


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