Frequently Asked Questions about San Francisco

Can I commute easily from the Bay Area?

Commuting into San Francisco is common and public transport options abound; bus, train, ferry and vanpool access is plentiful. Companies with more than 20 employees in San Francisco offer Commuter Benefits which can cut commute costs. Commutes from Berkeley or parts of Oakland can take up to a half hour. 

Is San Francisco safe?

Safety standards in San Francisco are no different than any other large city. Common sense is the best deterrent to avoiding petty or serious crime. It's a good idea not to walk alone at night, and best to stay out of public parks at night time as well. A large homeless population in San Francisco gives the appearance of unsafe neighbourhoods, but they are rarely any danger.

What is the weather like?

Many newly arrived expats expect San Francisco to have mostly sunny and warm days typical of southern California. However, summer temperatures usually stay below 71°F (22°C). Moist coastal weather meets Californian heat which often blankets San Francisco in thick fog. Winters often have cool temperatures and a lot of rain.

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