Moving to San Francisco

golden gate bridge in san franciscoExpats moving to San Francisco will find a city with a long history of beckoning the edgiest and boldest immigrants inside its borders; first as a destination for gold miners and pioneers during its inception, then as a home to the world's counter culture epicentre in the 1960s, and finally into the technological capital it is today. Its prosperity and ingenuity are real products of a successful American dream realised.

Whether you chalk it up to the pushy policies of a government endorsing Manifest Destiny – an American initiative of old devoted to expanding westward, or a strong natural desire to explore the unknown, there has always been movement toward San Francisco. Not to mention, its beautiful landmarks occupy a utopian ideal in the American psyche. The Golden Gate Bridge, a rolling cityscape, the trolley cars and even Alcatraz prison are famous constructs of what a city ought to look like.

San Francisco has a long tradition of attracting a diverse population and still harbours a huge immigrant body at present. Expats moving to San Francisco will find a working world at the forefront of progress and an ambience created by a large amalgamation of cultures.

Many European expats will find the Victorian architecture, wrapping itself up and around hills, and the infamous liberal outlook on life at once familiar and attractive. Culturally distinct areas of the city such as China Town and the Asian American and Hispanic neighbourhoods make it all the more a global hotspot.

Though, in some ways San Francisco is becoming a victim of its own success. An extremely high cost of living and high property prices are pushing even middle income families out. Diverse family neighbourhoods are being gentrified and replaced by wealthy individuals. Increasingly, families looking for accommodation move outside San Francisco into the Bay Area.

But, if you can manage to afford the city living or if you’re willing to commute from the nearby suburbs, the mixture of culture, the ingenious industry, and the liberal attitudes make for a great lifestyle in a creative, exciting and original city that continues to reinvent itself.

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