Working in San Francisco

Expats working in San Francisco find themselves in the financial hub of the West Coast and one of the world's foremost centres of technology. 

Job market in San Francisco

San Francisco - working in San FranciscoThe San Francisco Bay Area, containing Silicon Valley to the south, has emerged as the technology capital of the United States. The Bay's technology industry is enormous and spans most conceivable areas of research, particularly in the way of advancement in biomedical and biotechnology sectors. It also has an advanced aerospace industry.
In terms of its financial sector, Wells Fargo and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco are headquartered in the city, while many foreign banks also have offices in the metropolis.
Some of the most well-known employers in the Bay Area are household names synonymous with progress and innovation. These include Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Pixar, DreamWorks, Google, Yahoo and YouTube.
The city itself is also on the forefront of Internet development and houses many of the world's largest online companies, including Twitter, Dropbox, Instagram, Craigslist and Pinterest.
This attracts many specialised expats eager to take advantage of the cutting edge attitude and the opportunities available in the technology and Internet industries in San Francisco.
Despite the size of its more innovative sectors, the largest section of the San Francisco economy is still maintained by its tourism industry and, as a major international port, it receives goods from all over the globe. Other well-known companies based in the city include Chevron and Walmart.

Work culture in San Francisco

San Francisco's trendy, bohemian character has influenced the working culture of many of the businesses based there. While it is unlikely that the financial services sector will forego its formal attire, some of the largest corporations in the San Francisco Bay are known for having an unorthodox atmosphere geared towards the happiness of their employees.
Many of these companies also place great importance on environmental sustainability and improving the world through technology, as the city continues to be at the progressive forefront of American business.

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