Employment packages in Abu Dhabi

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Is Your Employment Package in Abu Dhabi Lucrative Enough?

The employment contracts here in Abu Dhabi cover the basic terms and conditions which are set by the UAE Labour Law regardless of your profession but it is the entitlement in your employment package that makes the difference.

Here are list of the basic entitlement for any job offer in Abu Dhabi.

•    Accommodation
•    Annual Leave
•    Air Ticket
•    Personal Life and Accident Insurance
•    Medical Treatment
•    Sick Leave

And below are the additional perks which vary from company to the other and your job title.

•    Relocation Assistance
•    Educational Assistance
•    Duty Meals
•    Transportation
•    Laundry
•    Telephone Allowance


There are companies that provide staff accommodation which is a very important factor to consider when working in Abu Dhabi because accommodation is quite expensive in the city.

Your accommodation entitlement depends on your position or job title. Top managements are oftentimes accommodated for free in furnished flat, villas or hotel apartment. For rank in files employees, accommodation can be sharing in flats or villas.

The monthly water and electricity bill is oftentimes paid by the company for company provided accommodation.

If accommodation is not provided by the company, your employment package always comes with housing allowance.

Annual Leave

According to UAE Labour Law, employees are entitled for an annual leave of 30 days. You earn 2.5 vacation days per month but this doesn’t apply during probation period.

Public holidays are typically off as it occurs. Other companies such as hotel and airline industries in which staffs are required to work, then it is commonly compensated as overtime or lieu day.

Air Ticket

As the significant number of workers here in Abu Dhabi is expat, this entitlement is an important deciding factor for any job offers.

Air ticket entitlement, again depending on your job position, varies. It can be a yearly ticket or every two years. Other companies though very rare to find offer air ticket every six months.

Air ticket is oftentimes from Abu Dhabi to point of origin or point of hire. Typically it is the nearest international airport in your point of origin.

Some employment package includes a yearly air ticket of the entire family and others have even the company privilege of traveling on business class.

Also, there are companies that allow, though majority does not, air tickets to be converted into cash.

Personal Life / Accident Insurance / Medical Treatment

Generally employees are automatically entitled for accident, personal life, and medical insurances when joining any company.

The medical is free but the entitlement varies according to the company’s medical scheme for the staff.

Sick Leave

You will not be entitled for paid sick leave during the probation period.

The maximum sick leave entitlement is 90 days which can either be taken continuously or intermittently. Paid sick leave always requires a medical certificate.

According to the UAE Labour Law, the first 15 days of sick leave is paid full, the next 30 days will be paid in half, then the next 45 days is without pay.

There will be no cash value at the end of employment and sickness caused by misconduct will not be paid also.

As mentioned, some companies offer excellent employment package and additional perks which can include either of the following:

Relocation Assistance

If reassigned to other countries or repatriated, some employers offer relocation assistance. Either you are moving in or out of the country, such benefit is always an advantage.

Educational Assistance

Some companies offer educational assistance to their employee’s children. Again, this depends on the company policies. There are employers that offer certain amount of financial aid per child according to their job status.

Duty Meal / Transportation / Laundry / Telephone Allowance

These benefits vary greatly according to the nature of your job and the company’s type of business industry. Company provided transportation is quite common especially for companies or offices that are not located in the heart of the city. 

Hopefully these guidelines help you assess whether the job offer you receive to work in Abu Dhabi is lucrative enough. 

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