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Posted by aargee
on 8 Sep 2019

we are migrating to Canada from India. We are a bit confused in which grade of elementary school will our kids be attending.
Our elder one is born on May 27th, 2010 and currently in India is attending Grade 4
The younger is born on Jan 23, 2014 and currently in India is attending Grade 1.

Can anyone help in suggesting which grades which both will be admitted as in Canada education is from September-August and in India is April-March. 

Will the younger one be eligible for Grade 2 or he would have to reattend grade1 considering we enter Canada in August-October 2020.
Similarly for elder one i guess she can attend Grade 5.

Thanks is advance for the help.

Wendy M on 16 Sep 2019

Education in Canada is organized by province, and individual school boards also set many policies so the answer to your question may be different depending on what province and city you are going to.  As well schools have some flexibility to decide what grade a child should be in depending on circumstances. My experience (from B.C.) is that most often a child will start grade 1 at age 6 if their birthday is after Dec 31st, grade 2 at age 7 if their birthday is after Dec 31st, etc. However, you will be able to discuss with the school, the best option for your kids.

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