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Posted by tine
on 21 Mar 2019


My Family and I move to Hanoi this summer. I have a daughter with 7 years and a son with 1 year.

How is the airpolution in Hanoi?

Can you recommend a School in Hanoi for my daughter? 

How is the medical supplies in Hanoi?

Does anyone have any good ideas for getting started?

Thanks for your answers first of all. 

robbo02 on 4 Apr 2019

1. Air Pollution is getting better (so they say) but its on par with most developing cities in Asia. Not as bad as some of the China Mega cities but not as good as other parts.

2. Load sos schools going to depend on your budget, UNIS and HIS and BIS in the upper end, BVIS and VS etc down the lower end (price end I mean, no idea about quality), if company pays great! If not I imagine you will need to work out your budget first.

3. I haven't had any issues.


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