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Posted by Flanagan
on 11 Feb 2019

Hi everyone!

I'm Giuliano, an English teacher, Italian with an Italian passport. My plan is to set off to Santiago de Chile next July in order to find a job and settle. Although I'm in contact with some academies, none has been able to put straight and clear whether it is possible to do it the way I'm planning to. But what's my idea? Basically, I just plan to go there, enter the country on a 90-day tourist visa, find a job, get a work permit with it. Is it possible? Or do I need to apply for a Resident visa before I fly to the country? Or is it only possible to work in Chile if one's employed beforehand?

Thanks y'all! Cheerio!

Flanagan on 11 Feb 2019

P.S.: I read that to apply for a work visa, a contact person who already resides in Chile is required. I don't have one.