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  • Abu Dhabi
    Get financing for your business Personal financing Business financing Worry no more we will help you out! Easy and fast approval Flexible repayment...
    Zero | 3 hours 33 min
  • Johannesburg
    Hello! My name is Alessandro and I'm an intern at Streetlight Schools in Johannesburg (check out our website at
    Zero | 12 hours 13 min
  • Dubai
    Hi there, I am really hoping someone can help me please? I have been living here for the last 9 months and my partner is thinking of coming to join...
    Zero | 1 day 6 hours
  • Riyadh
    Anyone in Saudi Arabia have any information on the Al Forsan International School? I cannot access its website
    Zero | 1 day 7 hours
  • Malaysia
    Hi - I am trying to find information on Expat schools (International or Private) near the Horizon Hills area. My wife and I will be moving with our 4...
    Zero | 1 day 10 hours
  • Saudi Arabia
    Hi, I am moving to Riyadh with family and wanted to check which essential items I should bring from India. I am planning to bring Indian spices,...
    1 | 1 day 16 hours
  • Valencia
    Greetings, Hello, and Thank You all for your guidance to others in posts from which I have been garnering some practical knowledge. My husband and I...
    Zero | 2 days 13 hours
  • Portugal
    hey, i have a bachelor (3year) design degree from UAD clujNapoca,Romania.I'd like to register as a freelance artist in Lisbon,and effectively...
    1 | 2 days 15 hours
  • Dubai
    Hello I would like to open a bank account in Dubai as I travel there a lot. However I am not a resident and therefore I don't have a visa. I...
    3 | 1 day 11 hours
  • New York City
    Hi, Basically, in 2 years time i want to move to New York City in Brooklyn. I am trying to convince a friend of my to live with me since it will be...
    2 | 1 day 6 hours
  • Portugal
    hi i am taking rituximab for rheumatoid arthritis and was wondering if this is available in portugal and also how this would affect me if we moved to...
    1 | 5 days 16 hours
  • Portugal
    Hi I own an apartment in Portugal (€100,000 worth) along with a couple of bank accounts and an ongoing mortgage on the apartment. Completed my...
    1 | 6 days 11 hours
  • Oman
    I have got a job offer in Oman but i have old TB scar but no sickness as i have completed all medication 15 years ago. Right now my sputum and blood...
    2 | 1 day 12 hours
  • Johannesburg
    Hi, Just like you guys, I am also likely to relocate to jo'burg in Oct. Have a 6.5 year old girl in Standard I, CBSE-International Board (podar...
    Zero | 1 week 10 hours
  • the United Kingdom
    Good afternoon, I am a EU retired person of independent means looking to move to the UK to be close to my daughter and her family. Post Brexit I know...
    Zero | 1 week 12 hours
  • India
    Is it legal for India's Income Tax dept. to ask for a detailed listing of my US assets? I am a US citizen, but tax-resident in India. I submit my US...
    Zero | 1 week 1 day
  • Oman
    Hello, I'd like to ask about the reasonable salary for a position of Quality and performance improvement expert (consultant) for MBA, Engineer and 17...
    1 | 1 week 14 hours
  • Budapest
    Hi, I have over 10 year working experiences and try to spend 2 year in study different field in Budapest for doing something different. Plan to bring...
    3 | 1 week 1 day
  • Oman
    I have been offered OMR 1040 pm for Assistant Professor in Business Admin to work in Bakra,Oman. It includes all except air tickets and medical...
    1 | 1 week 1 day
  • China
    Hello, After several years here, I will be leaving China at the end of my contract in a few months time. I estimate that the goods I want to ship out...
    1 | 1 week 2 days

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