Advise on Schools in Qatar?

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By marazeem - Posted on
26 January 2016

Hello, We're planning to move to Qatar in July 2016 and so confused about the schools requirements. Most schools ask for an assessment test. Well We can't fly to Qatar to meet this requirement till July 2016; I guess it be too late for admissions ... How can we secure places for our kids? Some advise we've received so far, search for networks .. this is how it works :) Well we don't have any networks/connections yet! Thanks & have a wonderful day Mara

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Hi Marazeem,

It is always best to start application processes as soon as possible. Each school will have different requirements so I suggest contact schools directly.

Check out our listing for contact details. The Expat Arrival's Doha School's Guide could also be a useful source of information. 

Hope this helps

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Hi don't worry if you reach in July or even in August, that's the time when schools start assessment. I remember I went to almost 10 international schools and was asked to come back by end August. Good luck.


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