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on 20 Feb 2014
Hi there,

I have just graduated with an MBA and I'm struggling to find job opportunities in New York (which is where I am from). The situation seems to be the same in Europe. I've always wanted to travel around South America and I heard that Sao Paulo is a great place to work. Does anyone know about the realities of the job market in the city? Are there any good websites or recruitment agents you can recommend?

Please help!


Shantalie on 24 Feb 2014
Hey Jonny.

Congrats on your MBA! Yes, you are right in thinking that Sao Paulo has become a hot bed for young graduates like yourself. The economy is growing and there does seem to be lots of good job opportunities for those with the correct qualifications. However, large numbers of people do head to the city and return home disappointed, so the key thing is finding yourself a job before arriving in the city.

Start by looking at our Working in Sao Paulo page and then let me know if you have any more specific questions. 

Good luck with the job hunt.