Best place to live, Paris or Zurich?

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27 November 2012
We are a family of three, there is a possibilities to move to Paris or Zurich, actually we live in Houston, Tx, we are Mexicans and have USpermanent residence. How much our income must be to live very comfortable, My son is 21 years old but he has intellectual disabilities, some people recommend us Zurich because of the taxes and language ( most people like to talk Enlglish) . I know there is no big houses there, but if we can find one in the suburbs, how much it cost ( big I mean three bedrooms and a big kitchen, garden, etc). My husband would have a good job, he is engineer with a lot of experience. Going to Europe sounds interesting for us, but we live really good here in the States!. If you can give some advises or tips, it would be so helpful! Thanks, and Regards Isabel Ortiz
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Hi Isabel,

You'll find the cost of living in both Zurich and Paris more expensive than in Houston, so you will need to ensure that there is a significant rise in your salaries to compensate for this.

Take a look at our cost of living pages for Zurich and Paris to get a picture of the type of expenses you'll need to budget for. 

It is important to remember that in general houses in Europe won't be as spacious as those you are used to in Houston.

Buying property in Switzerland is very difficult for foreigners and so most will opt to rent rather than buy. If you decide to buy a place in Zurich you will need to obtain Type C residence permit. While you can get a 3 bedroom apartment for CHF 40,000, a stand alone family home will set you back over a million swiss francs. Read more about buying property on our Accommodation in Switzerland page.

The process of buying a property in France is quite regulated and becomes legally binding quite quickly, so don't rush into things. If you choose Paris, maybe rent for some time first before you decide to buy a place. Read our page on Buying Property in France for a more detailed overview.

Both Paris and Zurich are modern, cosmopolitan cities so you'll find that most people will speak good English. However, in both cases it will help you settle in if you can master a basic level of the local language.

Hope this information helps. Good luck.
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Shantalie thanks for your advices, I will review the links you recommended, II appreciate your answer!

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