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on 16 Nov 2015
Hi there,

We were busy planning a move to Paris for the new year but following this weekends terrorist attacks we are seriously reconsidering the move.

Are there any expats in Paris that can comment on safety. Are tensions high following the attacks? Do you think people are fearful of follow-up attacks? What is the mood like in the city?

If you are currently in the city - what safety precautions are in place? Are certain areas out of bounds?

Your advice would be much appreciated. 


Anonymous (not verified) on 19 Nov 2015
Hi Sally, my husband and I moved to Paris a month before the attacks occurred, and in fact one of the shootings was on our street. All of them were in our neighbourhood. Paris does not feel unsafe, and Parisians have proved themselves to be very brave and resilient people. I personally have some residual anxiety, mostly from the shock of something like this happening on my doorstep, but the general feeling here is more like solidarity, and there is not a feeling that people are waiting for another event. Don't cancel your move. Paris is still wonderful.
SmithDiano on 18 Nov 2015
This is a rare occurence. I've lived in Paris all my life. It's a safe city. You are more likely to experience petty theft than anything on this level. I wouldn't base my decision on the terrorist attacks.

Shantalie on 18 Nov 2015
Hi Sally,

I'm not in Paris myself so I can't comment on the mood in the city right now.

However, I was in London following the 7/7 attacks and its understandable for people to be worried about moving to place thats just been hit by terrorist attacks. 

My advice would be to not make any rash decisions till the dust has settled at least. Following such an event, tensions are high and the authorities will increase security measures and everyone will be extra vigilant.

Terrorism is unpredictable in its nature so its almost impossible for anyone to comment on whether or not it will happen again in Paris or elsewhere for that matter.

If I were you I would just hold out a little before cancelling the move completley.

Good luck with the decision.

Sally on 24 Nov 2015
Hi Anon,

Thanks for the reassurance. We've spoken to a few colleagues in Paris and they say the same thing. We haven't cancelled the move. I think I was just a little panicked last week.

Do you feel there are ethnic tensions within the community? What are attitudes like towards the muslim community?


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