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on 14 Apr 2011
Hello Expats!

As a kind of last-minute psych-up before I take the plunge and move to Brussels, please let me know what your favourite thing about Belgium is!  I've heard a lot of great things about the country, but I want to hear more!

DavidC on 14 Apr 2011
There are SO many good things about Belgium! My favorite thing about Brussels has to be that it is not too big and has lots of small, interesting areas – almost like cities within the city, like Grand and Petit Sablon, rue Haute et rue Blaise where you find all kinds of furniture shops, etc. Also, there are LOTS of internationals, so you hear all kinds of languages all the time; you meet people from all over the planet. Waterloo, where I live is more of a classic suburb with a local, Belgian, (Wallonian) atmosphere and all shops and restaurants you could ever need.