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on 3 Jul 2011
Hi!!! I was wondering how the women are treated in greece?? Are they equals or not?? Is the pay, employment option, etc the same?? Also, is there a Church of Christ in greece? Is greece safe? I really need to know!! Thank you sooooo much!!! =D
Stephanie on 4 Jul 2011
Women certainly have access to the same rights as men in Greece, but as far was the workplace is concerned, they still (typically) earn less than men and find themselves in lesser positions. The most senior roles still seem to be reserved for men, though, many multinationals in Greece will offer these positions to women.

Keep in mind that Greece has a traditionally paternalistic business culture, where the big bosses are seen as fatherly figures.

Also, there are still many macho customs that wil most likely always exist. A Greek colleague may compliment you on the way you look, for example. Don't take this as an advance, it's just an ingrained Greek propensity to charm.

All this said, doing business in Greece is a bit of a lost cause at the moment. The country is on the verge of bankruptcy and riots are taking place outside of a parliament still passing unwanted austerity bills. Unless you're moving to Greece with a solid job contract, I'd advise taking a back seat until the economy rights itself.