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on 8 Feb 2012
Hey all I might consider to move to SA , I am an executive pastry Chef with experience in 5 star resorts . Do you thing there is oportunity in my field is SA , working visa possible? or they do not take expat for this type of position . Any advise or experience welcome Culinary regards
Stephanie on 9 Feb 2012
Hi Emmanuel-

Cape Town is a world-class tourist destination, and there's TONS of 5-star hotels both in the city centre, and even in the region in general. There's a One and Only, there's the Cape Grace, there's the Table Bay and there's the Mount Nelson (which is famous for the delicious pastries they serve with their legendary high tea), plus many more. That said, I don't work in the hospitality industry, so I"m not sure if companies are willing to sponsor work permits - which is what you would need if you don't have citizenship. 

Bottom line is you'll need a job offer before you apply for the paperwork, so start trawling job ads for the service industry know.

I'd also consider approaching some of the the famous wine estates in the Stellenbosch or Franschhoek region - these areas host some of the most esteemed culinary offerings in the nation.
GabyS on 26 Apr 2012
Hi Emmanuel

There's a huge foodie scene in Cape Town, which is a world-class tourist destination city. Although some of the mid-level jobs are a little flooded, if you have executive chef experience in a 5-star environment you won't have a problem finding work in South Africa.

That said, South Africa has a high unemployment rate and local laws favour locals in the job market. That means legally, you'll need to find a job before you can get a visa. A good website to try is

Also have a look at the ExpatArrivals guide to work permits in South Africa and pages on specific cities like Cape Town for more info.