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Posted by sandy_man
on 20 Jul 2016
Hi, Just like you guys, I am also likely to relocate to jo'burg in Oct. Have a 6.5 year old girl in Standard I, CBSE-International Board (podar school). I have following questions if you can help me address: 1) availability of CBSE/ICSE board in Jo;'burg 2) Area/locality 3) I understand term begins in Jan (In india, for most CBSE schools, Jan would be mid-term ie just 3 months away from end of term). Your answers/help guidance is much appreciated. TIA.
Anonymous (not verified) on 15 Aug 2016
There are quite a few private schools in Johannesburg. Roedeen (sp.?)is one that comes to mind. All schools year start at the beginning of the year mid Jan and end beginning of December. There are usually 4 terms with mid term breaks in private schools. SA schools are very strict with uniform, hair styles, jewellery, and make up. Try to keep to the Northern suburbs. Most SA Schools are also strict about a child partaking in sport.
Subbu on 24 Dec 2016
Hi Sandy_man, Did you move? How did you kid manage second language Afrikaans? I am planning to move in Apr 2017 and worried about my kid (in Delhi CBSE) joining 4th grade there especially around the second language options (seems to be only Afrikaans or Zulu)!! Any advise? Regards
pret on 10 Jul 2018


Can anyone of you, please let me know about your experience regarding your kid's s schooling. Any advice?  I am planning to move from India.