Hepatitis B positive and jobs in Abu Dhabi

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By keronaptha - Posted on
16 February 2012
I got selected for a job with an oil company in abu dhabi, but I am Hepatitis B positive. Can I accept the job or I will deported upon arrivals?
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Hi Keron-

You are not the first Hepatits B postive person with a job in Abu Dhabi to be concerned about deportation. While this was a valid reason to bar people from entering the emirate in the past, as of August 2010 the Ministry of Health decided that it would no longer be so. Now, only six categories of workers, including nannies, housemaids, nursery/kindergarten supervisors, beauty salon and health club workers, private drivers and food handlers in cafeterias and restaurants, are required to test for Hepatitis B, and can be deported if found positive. So, if you're in the oil field, this shouldn't be a worry.

That said, since the Ministry of Health made that statement, many people still reported being deported even though they didn't fall into one of the job categories listed. That is because, though the Ministry of Health approved the legislation, it still needed to be officially accepted as law. At this point, in 2012, it seems that everything has been sorted out and that you will not be tested. That said, I don't want to be responsible for any disappointment on your behalf, so I would advise phoning the Ministry of Health in Abu Dhabi and asking yourself.
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