Posted by CallmeDee
on 7 Aug 2016
Hi everyone, I need assistance finding work in Ireland. I have gone through the traditional route, applying online, going through newspaper adverts. I have more than 10 years working experience in manufacturing and project management. I have an engineering college diploma and I'm doing my final year in MBA. I'm in Dublin for the next 85 days, I would like to secure employment before my time here so I can stay for good.
Martquin on 27 Aug 2016
In my opinion not knowing your circumstances or right to work in Ireland, north or south you don't say, is to find recruitment agencies and sign up with as many as you can. This usually is temporary work until the employer sees how you perform and then the possibility of permanent work arises. I have done this all my life so I know it works Regards Martin
Anonymous (not verified) on 19 Sep 2016
Hi my name is Barbara and I have been thinking of moving to Ireland I have been doing a family genealogy project and I am finding out most of my familare from Ireland and would love to actually see where they were from and how they lived I just do not know how to go about it any help will be wonderful thanks
Meagan on 19 Sep 2016
Hi Barbara,

What is your nationality? This will have an effect on your visa situation - you can read more about Ireland visas here. For more general information on Ireland, see our Moving to Ireland page. From there you can navigate to various sections of our Ireland guide using the sidebar on the left-hand side. Another section you might like to have a look at is Working in Ireland.

Anonymous (not verified) on 25 Oct 2016
Can you advise a contact for tax advisor for expat?