How do I extend a visitor visa for Canada?

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By arthurjohn - Posted on
02 March 2016

As the part of a long journey me and some of my friends are in Montreal now. Soon we will move on to Toronto. But our visitor visa will expire within 10 days. What we can do to extend it. We were planning to contact the law firm of Matthew Jeffery. Is there anyways to make this possible through the embassy. Somebody please tell me about the procedure to extend visitor visa.

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Hi arthurjohn,

Where are you from? This may effect the process of renewal/extending a visa.

You can get some background information on the Visas for Canada page.

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Hi arthurjohn,

You should have applied to extend it 30 days prior to your visa expires.
You can get all info from the government website and contact them directly for an accurate information.

Good luck!

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