How do I pick an international school in Kuala Lumpur? Any recommendations?

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By Amy L - Posted on
05 February 2015

We are considering a temporary assignment from the U.S. to Kuala Lumpur with two children, ages 8, 11. Looking for advice regarding selecting an international school. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi, Finding a school for my children in Kuala Lumpur cost me a fortune and was a miserable experience. I did eventually get them into a great, but incredibly expensive school, Alice Smith, but then all the international schools here are expensive if the language is English, because you are competing with wealthy locals and the waiting lists are long. I had real problems with ISKL and they just wasted my money. I had to bring my 6 year olds over here for an interview - at 6 years old! I think they do it to make themselves seem more exclusive. In any case, it is a nightmare and one that would have put me off coming here if I had known beforehand.

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We are moving to KL and evaluating which school to choose for our children who are in secondary school. We are open to the curriculum type but need a strong academic focus. The options we are looking at are ISKL, Alice Smith or MKIS. Appreciate any comparisons or experience in any of these schools, my kids will be in secondary school, thanks

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In KL, one factor to take into consideration is location. Alice Smith, Mont Kiara and ISKL are all in different locations. Since your children will be picked up early by a bus, live as close as you can to your school, unless you like getting up at 5:30... Alice Smith and ISKL cost similar amounts, MKIS is a lot more expensive and certainly not any better quality, but it is run for profit, the other 2 are not. My children go to Alice Smith, and for me it had the best atmosphere and the nicest teachers. The admissions people at ISKL were trying to give me real estate names when I was there!


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