Posted by Kushal Desai
on 4 Jan 2017

Hi Team,

I have 2 years of experience in Automation Testing in India. Now, I would like to work in Pretoria, South Africa.

How easy to grab an opportunity in Pretoria with the experience I have?! Your suggestions/guidance will help and give me a lot of confidence to work in SA.

For me it takes 3 more months to land in SA. However, I would like to be pre-planned.

Any suggestions will be appreciated!

Thanks & Regards,
Kushal Desai

Meagan on 9 Jan 2017
Hey Kushal,

I'd recommend having a look at online job listings on and You might be able to find something on, but be wary of possible scammers.

Another option is signing up with a recruitment agency.

Good luck!

Kushal Desai on 9 Jan 2017
Thank you again so much, Meagan!! I will look into this! I would like to appreciate you for helping people like me with the information/suggestions. Regards, Kushal
Kushal Desai on 22 May 2017
Hi Meagan, Finally, applied for Critical skills work permit VISA through VFS Global. How much time it actually takes to know the status of my VISA application?
Meagan on 24 May 2017
Hey Kushal, I've passed your question on to my colleague Shantalie, who's quite knowledgeable about SA visas – she should be getting back to you soon. Congrats on the job!
Kushal Desai on 2 Jun 2017
Thank you very much, Meagan! You and Shantalie are so kind and helpful. She replied to my comment. Requested her to answer 1 more question. Hopefully, I should get my work VISA soon. Hearty, thanks to you both. Kushal Desai
Kushal Desai on 7 Jun 2017
Hi Meagan, My First dream is to work in SA and My second dream is to meet you and treat you both in SA (if possible only) Humble request. Thanks & Regards, Kushal Desai
varma datla on 6 Nov 2017
@Kushal Hi Bro, I am from Hyderabad, i have recently applied for CSV and i have few questions to get clarified, could you please share you number or email or anything so that i will have a conversation with you directly. Regards, Rama,, +91-7416783307