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Posted by mateere
on 21 Apr 2016
Hi we want to move to Costa deal sol ASAP have been looking into this for a few years and are a family of 7 husband and I and daughter 26, son 25 son 21 son 13 and daughter 12 and little dog. Son of 25 is fully fluent in Spanish. We are all learning Spanish Right now. Our youngest is wheelchair bound as has severe spina bifida and is paralysed hips down and is doubly incontinent. Has hydrocephalus and has shunt fitted. Has left hip dysplasia and epilepsy although controlled atm. She has scoliosis of the spine. And she uses a powered electric wheelchair and has a manual self people wheelchair too.she has a hospital bed and has a manual hoist for transfers and uses nappies/ pads everyday as no bowel or bladder control. I have to catheterise her every 4 hours and I order and have delivered nappies and catheters and suppositories too delivered each month to help me to see to her toilet needs etc. I need to know how I go about getting this seem to when we are to move as I'd have to give everything back to NHS here in England when we were to leave although I guess we will have her Manual wheelchair only??
mateere on 21 Apr 2016
Also I home educate my son of 13 so how would this work in Costa deal sol?? I might need to consider her too as it might be too difficult to school her as she's always attended main stream schools here and has one on one carers. She is mentally same as her peers just lots physical challenges.