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on 25 May 2015

Hi All

i am considering a role in an international bank in KL. i work in the energy trading space in the UK with good salary, i have 3 kids (10, 8 & 4) all of school age. Could you please help me by advising if the package makes economical sense for me to move to KL?

Bonus 2-4 month salary/year
Health insurances for my and all my family
Relocation allowance of RM30000

The biggest expense as i see is the kids schooling, can someone suggest a good international school in the city that is reasonable enough? Also where i will be able to find a good house/flat in the city (close to Golden Triangle) and how much it will cost?

Many thanks in advance
PS - my keyboard doesn't allow capital 'i', don't want to annoy any English teachers here ;)

kriz on 4 Sep 2015
Hi, I have a similar question. Negotiating rm35k per month (gross) as local hire. i have a wife and 2 kids to bring. Is this enough to have a decent living in KL, send kids to international schools, have a good place to stay within expat area and employ a househelp. I am also thinking if the rm35k could still allow me to save for yearly travel within asia pacific. I appreciate any inputs.
Anonymous (not verified) on 16 Jun 2015
Hi Billy, You need to clarify if the package per month is actually RM350k (£60k) as you wrote, or RM35k (£6k). If it is the first one, go for it. Annual fees for international schools in Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley (greater Kuala Lumpur) varies, from around RM25k on the lower side to above RM60k for the elite ones. Rentals in the vicinity of the Golden Triangle also varies, depending on location and unit size, starting at around RM4k fully furnished. You should consider accommodation nearer to the intended school rather than your workplace, as it will be inconvenient for the children to be spending hours on the road getting to school, as rush hour traffic can be thicker than treacle. Good luck!