Kosher eateries and stores in Cape Town

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By GabyS - Posted on
12 June 2012
My brother-in-law and his wife are Jewish and live in Johannesburg. They say there are plenty of Kosher restaurants in Johannesburg but were surprised by how hard it was to find kosher restaurants in Cape Town. They are visiting again in a month and I'd like to take them out to dinner. Any suggestions?
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Hey Gaby, there are a number of Kosher restaurants and delis in Cape Town, and you'll be pleased to know what two of the best are right here in the city. 

I guess it all depends on what you're looking for, whether it's a fancy meal, or deli-type food, but check out Goldie's on the Main Road in Sea Point for awesome fish and baked goods, and Kaplan Centre Kitchen at UCT in Rondebosch is a meat and Parev restaurant serving great pickles and deli eats. The restaurant at the Jewish Museum in Cape Town also does great kosher food - there is even a kosher cook book shop attached to the cafe if you're keen to try some recipes at home.

For some more general info on restaurants in the Mother City, check out our Restaurants in Cape Town page.
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Sea Point has a big Jewish community, and I know the Checkers store on Regent Road in Sea Point has a good Kosher deli section. Here's a list of kosher delis, bakeries and butcheries in Cape Town:

Then I think Avron's Place in Sea Point is kosher. I know they're closed on Shabbat.
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If you're willing to take an hour's drive out of Cape Town, you can get kosher wine at Zandwijk Wine Farm ( You can also order a picnic basket with lots of goodies to enjoy with the wine. I'm not sure if the picnic baskets are kosher - you'll have to check - but if not you could load up on kosher deli food at one of the places Stephanie mentioned and just bring your own picnic.
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Can somebody told me if there is any kosher restaurant in Milnerton? We are moving there to be part of the Jewish community.

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