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Posted by asher
on 5 Oct 2016
Can anyone please tell which are the medical test done for South Africa visa, does it require HIV testing and what are the other test ivolved...?? Please tell as soon as possible and does failing in any of the test will cancel my visa..?
Meagan on 5 Oct 2016
Hi Asher,

Which visa are you applying for? Also, what is your nationality? There are slightly different regulations for different countries.

Some visas, including the work visa, require "medical and radiology reports" as per this page on the South African government website. You can also read more about the tests here. It seems that for the most part they are for the purposes of screening for TB. This appears to be the official form that must be filled in by the GP doing the check-up.

So to answer your question, it seems to me that this report doesn't include HIV testing - but it's always best to check with your local South African embassy or consulate to make sure.

asher on 5 Oct 2016
I will be going on dependent visa i:e as a spouse or critical skill set visa it depends and i am from india.
Shantalie on 6 Oct 2016
Hi Asher,

I applied for my visa a couple of months ago and there are two forms that need to be filled in. Make sure you print the official forms from either the Home Affairs site or VFS website. 

One is a general medical form which needs to be signed and stamped by a GP. The tests are pretty straight forward. The doctor just asks you some very basic questions about your health and then just confirms if you are healthy enough to move abroad.

Then you also need a radiological test done - this is basically a chest x-ray and needs to be done at a hospital with the correct machinary. It's very quick.

No HIV tests are carried out. Don't worry, they don't use any needles or do anything to invasive.

Most importantly remember to use the correct forms...otherwise the whole exercise ends up being a waste of time.

Good luck with the move

Anonymous (not verified) on 6 Oct 2016
Thanks a lot dear, just wanted to know are on dependent visa or on independent one. But i read in many website that a blood test is done. Radiology and chest x-ray is mandatory. So you are saying no Hiv testing is done.
asher on 6 Oct 2016
Hey thanks a lot dear, you are sure no Hiv testing is done and as i have read online that a blood test is done and a medical form this is the one which says that mention veneral disease, so its just a doctor asks the question regarding this disease or we need to carry it. Just wanted to know are you on dependent or on independent visa, AS i will be going on dependent one and my spouse company the documents required to submit are the original medical report and a radiology reoport, so medical is of x ray or blood test..?
asher on 12 Oct 2016
That means only radiology and x ray is done and no blood test. Thanks everyone for your response
Smith on 11 Oct 2016
I'm on an independent visa - but I don't think it should make a difference. I have never taken a blood test and I've applied for 5 visas already.

Anonymous (not verified) on 3 Feb 2017
Is there any hiv test for dependent visa???