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on 7 Oct 2015
We will possibly be in Madrid Jan - Mar 2016 and I'll need to find a secondary school for my 8th grade/14 yr old daughter. Ideally a school where there will be some support for her as an intermediate Spanish speaker, and maybe one that would allow her to enroll for a partial day and we would homeschool the other part of the day.
Karen Watts-Zagha
Anonymous (not verified) on 9 Jan 2016
Hi Karen, I was wondering what school you ended up choosing. We are looking for school that will help our kids 12 & 13 learn Spanish while they are there. We are looking at International College Spain, but thinking its too much like home. Please let me know what you decided. Thanks, Kathy Lundberg
Anonymous (not verified) on 5 Mar 2016
Look up Altair Colegio International. I attended this international school while studying abroad in high school and can certainly vouch for the quality!