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on 26 Jul 2011
What can be the monthly average expenditure for a couple to stay in Nairobi for moderate lifestyle?(considering 1 bhk rented apartment and minimum possible expenses)
Stephanie on 27 Jul 2011
Cost of living in Kenya, like all destinations, is variable and difficult to pinpoint depending on your level of expected comfort and the access you anticipate. One thing you can do is research those things you'll need to spend money on. In Kenya, asside from accommodation you'll need to count on buying a car. Public transportation is non-existent and even if you choose to import a car, large duties are levied (25 percent of the value of the vehicle plus 16 percent vat). You'll also need private health insurance. Public facilities are far below standard, and the case of emergencies you'll need to make sure you can get appropriate care. I assume you don't have any children, so you won't need to worry about school fees.

Don't expect the cost of living in Kenya to be much less than where you're coming from. Even clothing and food (especially typically western foods) can be expensive - as they're both imported.

Anticipate needing at least 4500 to 5000 USD a month to live a moderately comfortable lifestyle. More if you plan to save and have the ease to obtain the frivolities that make moving to a hardship destination like Kenya worthwhile.

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