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on 15 Oct 2013
Hey guys,

Got a fantastic job offer in Astana. Although its a great offer, I wouldn't have picked Kazakhstan as a place I really want to move to.

Are there lots of expats in Kazakhstan? I am a little worried about feeling isolated. What are locals attitudes towards foreigners ?

As its a muslim country, I am assuming it will be hard to get hold of alcohol ? So whats nightlife like there ? Is there much going on?

Please help. Cheers.


Shantalie on 28 Oct 2013
Hi Jon, 

Kazakhstan's expat community is small but growing. Its a good idea to contact your embassy in Kazakstan to find out about expat groups.

Furthermore, once you get to know the locals you'll find that they are welcoming and hospitable. While locals might at first seem rude but give them a chance and i am sure you will soon make friends.

You are right, Kazakhstan is a predominantly Muslim county but it is also a secular state. You are allowed to practice any religion although not allowed to spread religious teachings. Alcohol is also freely available, Kazakhstan is very different to the Middle East.

Take a look at our Culture Shock in Kazakhstan page to get a more detailed account of what life in Kazakhstan is like for new expats.

Good luck in Astana