Relocating to the UAE....Do I need to buy a car in Abu Dhabi?

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By Wallace - Posted on
20 August 2012
I've hear mixed things about the public transport in Abu Dhabi? As I will be moving there soon, I'm just wondering if I need to buy a car in Abu Dhabi, or is the public transport sufficient?
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Hi Wallace,

The public transport network in Abu Dhabi is not as extensive as it is in neighbouring Dubai so depending on your circumstances you may need to purchase a vehicle.

If you are living in central Abu Dhabi you might be able to get along by using buses which are economical and quite frequent or taxis. However, if you live in any of the suburbs or have children who need to be transported to school a car could be a good investment.

That being said, most expats choose not to drive in Abu Dhabi because of the chaotic driving conditions. While the infrastrcuture is modern and well maintained, Abu Dhabi is known for its reckless road users. 

If you are brave enough to get behind the wheel - be careful ! Remember never to drink drive - as it is a serious offence in UAE and avoid running red lights or speeding as fines are high. Cars are cheap and readily available in Abu Dhabi or you could choose to hire a car.

Read more about Transport and Driving in Abu Dhabi on this Expat Arrival's page.
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You need a car in AD if you want to do anything more than commute to and from work! Taxis arent plentiful - 8000 for a city of 1million people and almost impossible to find in the morning before 8.30 am (or even 9.30 during school weeks) and similarly a rare sighting post 10 pm.
Roads are wide and yes, driving reckless and accidents frequent and some times lethal. So buy the big and strongest you can afford - petrol is super cheap even if not as cheap as neighbouring countries.
YOU NEED A CAR in short.

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