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04 May 2012
I'm exploring other countries to teach English in as a foreign language. Is it easy to get an EFL job in Oman? What are the working conditions like? Are there big private profit-making schools there? (I've had good experiences with those). Any info on living in Oman would be appreciated. Thanks.
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There are plenty of teaching jobs available in Oman. There has been some new legislation that has come in recently by the Omani ministry of Education that requires TESOl type qualifications for teaching at universities and colleges. A CELTA is not enough to teach at universities and colleges.
The working conditions are generally good as employees are covered by Omani labour law which has strict stipulations on employer/employee relations. There are private-profit driven langauge schools in some of the major cities like Muscat and Sohar but one cannot earn as much money as you would in Saudi Arabia or the UAE, but the cost of living is substantially cheaper in Oman than the UAE.

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Hi Phil

The Middle East has a thriving international schools scene, and in Oman, as in Dubai or Qatar, there is a demand for trained English teachers. Take a look at this article on Teaching English in the Middle East as a start.

Also have a read through some expat experiences that people like Tom, an English teacher there, have had of the country.

Check back later for a list of schools in Oman - coming soon!
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