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on 15 Jun 2011
What are the public schools like in Santiago? I really want my eight-year-old to pick up as much Spanish as possible over the course of our two-year stint in Santiago, but not a the expense of other aspects of his education? Are there reasonably priced international schools that offer bilingual curriculums?
Anonymous (not verified) on 18 Jun 2013
Stephanie - In Chile, public schools are not an option to foreign children. There is less concern about integration, teachers do not speak english and will not be able to take into consideration any of your children's needs. There are also important cultural differences. I suggest you choose a private (american or british) school. This way your children will be able to learn spanish and to comunicate with the teachers.
Catherine on 19 Jun 2013
Hi Stephanie, Anonymous is right in saying that you're better off sending your kid to an international school in Santiago. Take a look at our page on Education and Schools in Santiago for a list of international schools in the city tp choose from.