Posted by rutvish
on 21 Aug 2016

Need advice. I have received a job offer in Dublin, Ireland. The employers are offering me 80k eur, but the role is on a 12 months contract. I have a permanent job in India in a good position. Do you suggest it's worth perusing this opportunity? I have a family who are dependent on me.
Kindly advise, this is urgent as i have a make a decision within the next few days.

Thanks very much
Meagan on 22 Aug 2016
Hi Vish,

This is a difficult question to answer because there is no "right" answer - it really depends on what's right for you and what makes the most sense given your personal situation. There are a couple of things that might influence your decision. Perhaps the first question you should ask yourself is: Will it benefit you and/or advance your career to move to Ireland? What will happen to your family - would they come with you or stay behind in India? If they remain in India, would you manage without them and would they manage without you?

On the practical side of things, drawing up a rough budget of your monthly expenses and comparing them to the salary you've been offered can give you an idea of the quality of life you could live in Ireland. It could also help you figure out whether you'd be able to support your family. Have a look at our Cost of Living in Ireland page, which includes rough figures at the bottom of the page in a cost of living table. You also may find the Visas for Ireland page useful if you're considering bringing your family with you.

Best of luck with your decision.