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on 27 Oct 2011
I am investigating the possibility of going to join my husband who may start working in Dubai. What are the rules and regs about taking dogs with us??? Grateful for any information Debbie
Stephanie on 28 Oct 2011
The best thing about taking your pet to Dubai is that there's no quarantine necessary, unless your dog is under four months old. Otherwise, you'll just need to get woofles microchipped, make sure he's up to date on all vaccinations and then complete the appropriate paperwork. 

Import Permit from UAE Ministry of Agriculture (only valid for 1 month)
International Health Certificate (must get 10 days before arrival)

There are certain breeds that aren't allowed in Dubai, so check on this before you make arrangements. Otherwise, for more information, read the article on our site about taking your pet to Dubai.

CaitlinMoore on 31 Oct 2011
Hi Debbie,
Great question! First of all, take a look at the Pet Import Requirements for the UAE for a rundown of what your travel preparations will be. If you’re moving a bigger dog, be aware that you’ll most likely have to build a custom crate that meets IATA regulations, and before you leave it’s a good idea to make sure the vehicle transporting the dog to/from the airport is large enough to hold the crate.
Finally, we typically hear that it can be tricky to find dog-friendly places to live in Dubai, so be sure to research carefully and allow plenty of time to get everything in order before it’s time to move.
Hope this helps! Please contact Petrelocation.comif you have any more questions, and if you’re interested in a complimentary consultation with a Pet Relocation Specialist, go here for a quote.

Good Luck!
Beverley Owen on 1 Feb 2012
Hi can anyone tell me the best place to look for property if im bringing my dog out with me ? Have heard few negatives about not being able to walk them etc and wondered if certain areas were more "dog friendly" than others ? Thanx for any help/advice Beverley
CatRussell on 2 Feb 2012
Hi Bev

There are a few communities in Dubai that are more dog friendly. Areas like Arabian Ranches, Victory Heights, Green Community and Emirates Living are all largely villa / house based areas with gardens and common areas where dogs can be walked (on a lead at all times and please pick up your dog mess). The same will apply in Abu Dhabi, please check with a real estate agent in each case.

Unfortunately as dogs are considered unclean in Islam you are not able to take your dog in a taxi or on any other form of public transport, nor walk your dog on the beach or in a public park for example. 

Residential areas I have mentioned above have a higher proportion european / western /  non-muslim expats and so dogs are more accepted and allowed. Always check however with your potential landlord as this is a personal preference and he may still not allow a dog in his house in this area depending on his culture and beliefs.

Importing your pet is quite easy as already stated. There is no quarantine in the UAE, your dog / cat must be up to date with their vaccinations (including rabies) and be micro-chipped. Your vet or any pet relocator in your home country should be able to advise. Dubai Kennels and Catteries ( will be able to answer all of your questions. You must make sure the breed is one that is allowed, and make sure you have arranged your import permit before you put your pet on the plane.

Good luck.
CaitlinMoore on 2 Feb 2012
Hi Beverley,

In Dubai you'll basically find two kinds of living arrangements, communities and non-communities. With pets it's better to choose a place like Catherine mentioned (one with a gated common area and space for dogs to play) as opposed to just a high-rise building, where pets will have to be cooped up inside most of the time.

Pet-friendly places do exist, it just takes a little bit of advance research to find the right home for you and your family. Feel free to check out the blog for more information about moving pets to Dubai, and good luck with everything.
Anonymous (not verified) on 6 Feb 2012
Hi, Many thanx for replies will definitely bear everything you said in mind when property searching, as certainly couldnt bear to leave my "wee girl" behind .
Beverley Owen on 9 Feb 2012
Hi can anyone tell me how long the process is of getting all the official documentation and vaccines etc completed in preparation for taking dogs out to Dubai please ? Thankyou for previous replies, all really helpful. Beverley
CaitlinMoore on 9 Feb 2012
Hi Beverley,

Our Dubai Specialists usually advise that you start 1-2 months ahead of your move date. Let us know if you have any more questions!

Anonymous (not verified) on 21 Mar 2012
Hi Folks, Will be moving to Dubai soon. Do you know of any Dog friendly developments in the Marina. We have a small dog who is already used to apartment living. Also is it ok to walk him in this area? He is a West Hyland Terrier/ Malteze Cross. thanks for any help anyone can give