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Posted by DAVEY
on 9 Jan 2016

UK guy living 20 years in Germany moving to Holland...General info and info about TAX and Health Insurance...

I'm a Musician moving to NL, When I connect in Holland am I instantly no more living in Germany?
What about my 2015 tax, when I lived and worked in Germany? I'm self employed and I will continue to work in Germany, and at first
not at all in Holland. How will it effect my Health insurance in Germany, will it be instantly void, and will I need a medical in Holland for the
new insurance?

lots of questions I know, would be cool if anybody has a similar situation or help!



Mark-Harrison on 17 Sep 2016
Hello David I hope all is well, I can help with all the areas you mentioned on your post from Jan 16, as I deal with expat advice within the Netherlands. If you still require assistance please add me on Linkedin Mark Harrison, based Netherlands, Guardian Wealth Management. All the best