Any improvement in Oman taxi drivers? Also looking for D&D gamers in Oman.

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By Hez - Posted on
21 August 2016

I was over in Oman for two months and the taxi drivers were so bad I could hardly get anywhere, I recently read in the news they will be metered and improving, has anyone seen the positive effects of this yet?
Also, I love gaming, if there are any D and D groups or similar that would be great.

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Hi Hez,

From what I can gather online, it seems that the civil taxis (the orange and white ones) are still fighting against installing meters because they say it will cause them to lose customers. However, it does seem that there are other, private, taxi services that are emerging that do use metered cabs. There's also a relatively new low-cost bus system that's been implemented, so that may make it easier to get around, too. I found a recent article you can also read for some more information.

As for D&D and gaming groups, I think doing a search on Facebook or reddit for "Oman gaming community", or similar, could set you in the right direction.

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