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Posted by SJC1984
on 4 Sep 2016
I've just applied for a resident visa (through marriage) in the U.K. I am originally from the U.S and was wondering if anyone has any experience on purchasing a home with U.S forms of income. For me, I currently receive US Veterans Benefits and social security. These are my two forms of income. Can these be recognized as a verified form of income in order to obtain a mortgage to purchase a home? This would be happening in a couple years time of course, but I'm under the impression it would be counted as "solid" income to purchase a home with my wife.
Can anyone help me with this? Thanks for your help!
Ps. I understand I cannot apply to become a citizen until 2.5 X 2 = 5 years in the UK. Does this affect anything as well as long as I'm a legal resident and married to a UK national? Thanks!
Shantalie on 7 Sep 2016
Hi there,

I'd advise you speak to a mortgage broker about the intricacies of securing a mortgage in the UK. The requirements are likely to be different for foreigners especially if your source of income is from abroad and it'll also vary according to the size of the bond you'll require.

I suggest reading the Buying Property in the UK page for some background information as well.